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NCTE HQ., NCTE NRC, MHRD, KUK/MDU/CDLU, Court Cases Proceeding and Court orders etc. News and Information
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faq means frequently asked questions, which are generally asked by most of  the members. Thus we are here submitting answers to the general problems of our colleges relating to universities and NCTE etc.

  • How to take Membership?
    Membership can be taken by simply filling online form and paying Membership fees online by DR. Card/ Net Banking in Association Account.
  • Who Can be the Member of This Association?
    Any College of India Recognised by NCTE can be the member of our National Association- ANACT.
  • Review committee is constituted by MHRD every 10 yrs.
    Last committee was in 2002. It has been assigned a task to review the working of NCTE, implementation of Verma commission recommendations and regulation 2014. The committee will submit its recommendations to MHRD which will decide on their implementations.
  • Fee and Cash KUK regarding Examination Fee of Regular Candidates
    Continuation fee Rs. 500.00 being paid separately to Regn. Department.
  • Members of Association of NCTE APPROVED COLLEGES Join Now
    Deposit Rs. 11000 today itself .

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